Elizabeth Bolger

Class of 2017

Elizabeth is an English Major from Hastings-on-Hudson, NY. She always dresses like a model, and enjoys snacking with Melissa.

Solos: Brave

Melissa Ferrie

Public Relations Coordinator • Class of 2017

Melissa is a sophomore American Studies major and English minor from St. Louis, MO. Her favorite food is chocolate chip cookies. She also enjoys coffee and spelling.

Solos: Yellow

Hannah Pozen

Class of 2019

Hannah is undeclared freshman from Washington D.C. Aside from being one of the Shwiffs most stylish ladies, she will never be caught  without her camomile tea.

Lacey Hale

Class of 2017

Lacey is a Psychology major and Art minor from Winchester, MA. When she's not cracking us up, she's on the field playing on the Connecticut College Women's Lacrosse Team. She has also been deemed the weirdest Shwiff!

Solos: Leave the Pieces, Follow Your Arrow

Jessie Durning

 Pitch • Class of 2016

Jessie is an American Studies and Human Development double major from Winnetka, IL. She is getting certified in Elementary Education, and we lovingly refer to her as "Mama Shwiff."

Solos: Hit 'Em Up Style, Lightweight, Something I Need, Titanium

Meggie Corcoran

Class of 2019

Meggie is another undeclared freshman from Milton, MA. Meggie plays for the Connecticut College women's basketball team. She is the only girl in a family full of three brothers!

Katherine Cook

Class of 2019

Katherine is an undeclared freshman from Brookline, MA. Katherine has one green eye and one blue eye making her basically the coolest Shwiff ever. 

Kate Goldberg

Class of 2018

Kate is a American Studies major and Environmental Science minor from Bethesda, MD. She sings in a band back home called Mr. Mannequin (check them out on Spotify!) and we think that's pretty cool. Kate is also a third generation Conn student.

Solos: ​Hey Jude

Brontë McGarrah

Class of 2016

Brontë is a Government major and Environmental Studies minor from Hamilton, MA. She was named after Charlotte Brontë, NOT Emily. She has also seen every episode of The Office at least three times.

Solos: I'm Yours, Let Her Go, Mirrors

Sam Hunter

Class of 2018

Sam is a Premed major, Philosophy minor from Palos Verdes, CA. She rocks it out on the court when she plays for the Connecticut College Women's Volleyball team. She is also the most adventurous Shwiff of all.

Solos: ​Our Song

Caroline Noonan

Business Manager  Class of 2016

Caroline is a junior Economics major and U.S. Government minor from the city of Boston, MA. She loves the Red Sox, so naturally she was thrilled when we got to sing for them at Fenway last spring!

Solos: One Day

Noelle Gauthier 

Class of 2019

Noelle is an undeclared freshman from Southborough, MA. Noelle is on Connecticut College Women's Lacrosse team and spends her summers living on a boat!

Jackie Horne

 Class of 2016

Jackie is a Biology major and Psychology minor from Fairfield, CT. Jackie loves elephants and enjoys recording music with fellow students.

Solos: Leave (Get Out), Never Let You Go, Team, Unwritten, Reflections

The Shwiffs

Nikki Symanovich

Class of 2017

Nikki is a Psychology major from San Francisco, CA. She is getting certified in Elementary Education in hopes of becoming a teacher. She also pretty much never stops laughing.

Solos: Can't Go Back Now

Leah Shapiro

Class of 2016

Leah is a Theater and Human Development double major from Baltimore, MD. She is arguably the smallest Shwiff, but don't let that fool you. Also, it's pronounced LAY-uh.

Solos: Creep, Blank Space